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Dear Friends,

welcome to the blog where Russian fans of Victoria Sampler gather together to share their love for these designs.  We want this blog to become a place where we can share our WIPS and finish projects pics, where we can discuss all VS-related issues and arrange on-line events such as SALs, contests etc. Even though this blog is mostly in Russian, you are most welcome to stop by and to participate by writing comments or posts and taking part in any of the events you might like. Feel free to use the Translator Gadget on the left panel.

If you want to join this blog as an author or if you have any questions, please, send an email to lirustitch(at) . If you haven't received any answer during a week, let us know by leaving a comment to any post here. Your letter might have been detected as a junk one.

Thank you for visiting us!

xoxo from Russia